Cycling News From Cracow

Welcome to Cracow!

This is perhaps the very first Polish local cycling webpage in English. Well, hope you will like it.

Cracow happens to be headquarters for Cities for Bicycles network, with long history of cycling advocacy. Today, we have probably the most complex cycling policy in Poland, including the Bicycle Audit, cycling Task Force and cycling infrastructure design and planning standards. Read about the Cracow Cycling Policies here.

Soon, high quality cycling facilities will emerge in many parts of Cracow. Some facilities are already there, though older ones are often unusable due to faulty design. Read about cycling routes in Cracow
and see the maps here.

Cracow applied for EU funding for its core cycleway network. It is only second Poland's city to do so. Gdańsk is currently implementing a massive cycling infrastructure project, funded by Global Environment Facility and developed by Cities for Bicycles)

That is all for now, come back to see updates!

Marcin Hyła