Bicycle touring in Cracow and the region

Cracow is a nice tourist destination. A cyclist will appreciate its surroundings, too. The major cycling destinations in the area are:
Other destinations include:
A surprisingly exciting, or may be just exotic trip may be visiting Nowa Huta by bicycle. There is a former cyclepath along the steelworks fence in Igołomska Street (heavy ride, sometimes, due to sand buildup). There are strange views of the Steelworks from the Wisła River bank or streets south to Igołomska Street. East of the Steelworks, there are old roads and railways and a weird and extremely long road tunnel (some 300 metres, good lights are necessary as it is not lit and the roadsurface is cobblestone).

Cracow is the place where two EuroVelo routes meet: No. 11 from Athens to Nordkapp and No. 4 from Bretany in France to Kiev in Ukraine. Unfortunately, they are not marked and there are almost no facilities for cyclists who wish to follow the EuroVelo itinerary. Below, find some instructions how to enter Cracow on heavily loaded touring bicycles (please, note, maps with itineraries will be provided here later, sorry about this):
Most popular one-day bicycle tours out of Cracow are:
These three points (Ojców, Kryspinów and Skała Kmity/Zabierzów) are perfect hubs for further exploration of the regions. In some roads there are tiny markings for bicycle trails, but the quality and consistence of the signage is nil.

Mountain bikers should explore Dolina Mnikowska, Dolina Będkowska and Dolina Kobylańska (if you are alpinist, you will appreciate them, too). When in Skała Kmity, you will reach a junction with the busy Katowice - Krakow road and unfortunately will have to follow it for a kilometre or two. At the church, turn right to the railway station, pass it, cross rail tracks through a small tunnel, turn left then right and there you are: empty roads will lead you to Dolinki. Follow signs and other cyclists, asking for the Valleys (Dolinki) if you get lost (signage is not really good there).

Tenczynek (or Rudno) Castle ruins is a nice picnic destination and the route follows nice cyclepaths in the Krzeszowice Forests. To get there, start in Kryspinów at the junction of the Balice road and head to Cholerzyn and Mników. Mników valley is a very nice ride in almost empty road. Cross the highway bridge and ride into the forest to the left. Then turn left to the narrow asphalt route, signed with tiny bicycles on trees (there is a barrier across to prevent cars from entering the route). This will lead you to the Rudno Castle. When on the way back, watch out for signs. Some bicycle trails will lead you to a very busy Katowice - Krakow main road north of the toll highway.

If planning a trip to south of Cracow, you may want to take a train. It is pretty difficult to exit Cracow southward on a bicycle and the terrain is very hilly, with extremely steep roads. Possible train destinations are Nowy Targ, Rabka, Chabówka, Zakopane, Nowy Sącz or Muszyna. Be careful planning your trip as train service is not frequent and some trains may be suspended for financial reasons.