Bicycle shops, repair and rental in Cracow

Bicycle shops are numerous, so are repair shops. There is a pretty good bicycle rental in Cracow, too.

The Cracow bicycle shops are listed in one of the oldest and revered cycling webpages in Poland - here. I believe it is up to date. The cycling community preferred bicycle shop is CycloCentrum (now moved out of the downtown area to Wileńska street, near Aleja 29 Listopada junction (phone: shop 012.4187480, repair shop 012.4177490
). If you are looking for some rare parts, probably most bicycle shops will direct you there. They provide repair, too. If you cannot find the parts you are looking for, you can browse the best Internet bicycle shop in Poland - Cyklotur (the webpage is in Polish only).

Bicycle rental Two Wheels is located at 5, Józefa Street in the Kazimierz district, near Krakowska Street. City bicycles of various sizes are available. Opening hours are 9:00 a.m. through 8:00 p.m. (including Saturdays and Sundays). Price is 30 PLN per day and you must return the bicycle before closing time, otherwise you are charged for the delay.
Credit cards are accepted. A deposit of 200 PLN is required (cash or card) and you must present an ID card. If you need a significant amount of bicycles for a larger group of cyclists, call +48.12.4215785 in advance to book and facilitate the bicycle delivery when you pick them at the shop. An English speaking guide can be hired to lead you through the city.

The rental shop is a social aid project run by disabled people cooperative - the Aniela Salawa Foundation for the Sclerosis Multiplex.