The bicycle is the most environment-friendly means of transportation. Its potential is great, but still underestimated. From the point of view of energy use, it is the most efficient device ever developed by man. When cycling, we will cover about four times longer distance than walking in the same time and still will use the same amount of energy, will occupy little space and will not generate any noise or pollution.

These are the reasons for us to demand safe and comfortable facilities for cycling in our cities. We want to be able to cycle to work, to school or for shopping. In 1995, we created the Cities for Bicycles, a grass-root network of local environmental and citizens' groups from all larger cities throughout Poland.

We are trying to influence the public opinion, support grass-root initiatives, lobby the local governments, co-operate with universities, organise street actions and work with the media. We publish our national bulletin (and several local ones), posters and books aimed at promotion of bicycle use and delivering expertise in bicycle infrastructure design.

As of 2002, our current flagship activity is the Gdańsk Cycling Infrastructure and Promotion Project, co-funded by Global Environment Facility (GEF) and the Municipality of Gdańsk and implemented with the help of UNDP Poland through the Ministry of Environment. With a budget of more than 2.5 million US dollars, a model cycling infrastructure of 30.7 km segregated facilities and 70 km of traffic calmed streets will have been built by 2004, allowing a modal shift to reach 5-10% of all trips to be made by bicycle. Soon, there will be more information on this project at this website.

If you wish to get more info on national activities, please contact us here (English or French):

Marcin Hyła
Cities for Bicycles (Miasta dla Rowerów),
c/o Polski Klub Ekologiczny - Zarząd Główny, ul. Sławkowska 26, Kraków, Poland,
phone/fax (+48.12) 423 20 47, 423 20 98

Local cycling initiatives may be contacted at their own web-sites or e-mail addresses (there are more, not listed here): You may also wish to visit our gallery, presenting cycling pictures taken in the Netherlands. These photos are displayed at our ongoing mobile exhibition project in numerous cities throughout Poland.


The Cities for Biclycles project is funded by the Polish National Fund For Nature Proctection; and the Global Environment Facility (GEF). Other donors included the Royal Dutch Embassy in Warsaw. Previously, the project was generously sponsored by the Doen Foundation (the Netherlands).